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High-Vis Polo, Sweatshirt etc

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High Visibility Workwear

High Visibility Workwear
All garments must reach the EN ISO 20471 which is the international standard for high visibility clothing
High Visibility clothing is intended to provide conspicuity of wearer in any light conditions when viwed by the operation of vehicles or other mechanical equipmentduring daylight and under illumination of headlights after dark

Class 3 the highest level of protection is required by any person working on or near Motorways, dual carriage ways or Airports

Class 2 required for any person working on or near A and B class roads and also delivery drivers

Class 1 required for any person working on or near private roads or used in conjunction with with higher classed items

GO?RT 3279 is the required items for working in the railway industry often fitted with quick release features enabling the items to be released if placed under tension, to stop personnel being trapped by the garment. always required to be in Orange

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