Alexandra Ranges

Alexandra Beauty Uniforms
Selection of beauty Uniforms
Alexandra Ladies Nurse Dresses
Ladies healthcare Dresses for Nurses and similar occupations
Alexandra Ladies Nurse Tunics
The full range of Healthcare tunics designed for the medical Professions
Alexandra Nurse Accessories
Hats, Watches, Scissors, Nurse Belts etc.
Alexandra Ladies Trousers & Skirts
A good selection of trousers for work and play
Alexandra Ladies Workwear Coats and Tunics
Ladies workwear coats and Tunics for all types of working environment
Alexandra Tabards / Aprons
A wide selection of Tabards plus some shirts and Blouses
Alexandra Chefs Clothing and Uniforms
Colourfull Chefs Uniforms
Alexandra Mens Healthcare uniforms
Mens tunics by Alexandra
Alexandra Overalls, Coveralls & Two Piece Workwear
Overalls, Bib & Brace and Warehouse coats all by Alexandra
Alexandra Antimicrobial Uniforms
These uniforms are made from an advanced protective wear fabric "Bioguard". Which is specifically designed to give long lasting antimicrobial protection. The unique Sanitizedâ protection of Bioguard actively fights the proliferation of bacteria and fungi that are a significant cause of cross infection and contamination. In addition, the treatment also acts as a built-in deodorant, enhancing the personal freshness, confidence and well being of the wearer. As well as protecting the fabric from perspiration staining and fibre degradation